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Jewellery worn everyday will naturally wear, change its patina, and show natural signs of wear and tear. Heavy textures will naturally lessen over time; a polished finish will gently wear down, just as a matt finish will gently polish up. A black oxidised finish will become more grey in tone over time. Silver will naturally oxidise in the air and 9ct yellow gold will gently darken, much less so on 18ct gold.

These marks reflect the life of a piece of jewellery.

There are ways in which you can look after your piece of jewellery:

  • When not wearing the piece, store in acid free tissue paper in its original box if possible.
  • Silver is best kept in air tight boxes, away from sun and moisture.
  • Silver dip can be used to clean silver, gold and platinum, available from hardware stores, some supermarkets and online. Never put stones (precious and non precious) in the silver dip - always read the label of the product.
  • Matt finishes can be maintained using the matting rubber supplied - never use on stones (precious and non precious), apart from diamonds.
  • Oxidised pieces can be re-oxidised by Amanda for the price of postage.
  • All brooch backs are made of silver, with a rubber inner, which grips the posts. Over time they will perish, and can be replaced (cost around £15 per back).

The sizing of bangles and rings always needs attention. Sizing is important for these pieces, please do contact Amanda in advance to discuss. Resizing is always possible, but can incur additional costs.

Fingers naturally change size over time. Amanda will talk you through the sizing process, samples or models are often used to make sure they are a good fit in advance of completed commission or purchase. Resizing can be undertaken after purchase but not recommended and often at an additional cost.

If you are unsure about any care details / instructions please contact Amanda, she will be happy to help.